For many people, the idea of arm wrestling conjures up drunk men hunched over beer-soaked tables in the back of a barroom. The new documentary series “Arm Nation” challenges all that!

“Arm Nation” brings you into the training, competitions and personal life battles of over a dozen Indigenous men and women who seriously train, coach and compete in one of the world’s oldest sports: arm wrestling. Two people facing off in across the table, hands clasped, eyes locked on the referee, ready for the start of an intense split second struggle that can turn into a gruelling, exhausting minutes long war of strength, strategy and intelligence. Each dynamic episode follows two ‘pullers’ working their way through local, provincial, national and international competitions. But life throws all kinds of difficult curves their ways – injuries and illness, single parenting struggles, family and financial problems – as they strive to make it to the top in this intense combat sport.

The Crew


David Finch: Series Director/Producer/Writer
Maureen Marovitch: Writer/Producer
Jesse Bochner: Offline Editor
Dave Gaudet: Series Cinematographer
Daniel Hallen: Associate Producer
Andre Lai: Post Production Supervisor
James Malloch: Offline Editor
Heidi Miller: Researcher
Pepper O’Bomsawin: Episode Director
Ryan Prizant: Line Producer/Production Manager
Trevor Sanipass & Devon Laratt: Series Consultant

The Game



Picture This Productions

Andre Lai: Content Supervisor
Ryan Prizant: Content Supervisor


Evan Despault: Technical Director
Brandon Bunnie:
Artistic Director and Development
Michael Despault:
Chief Engineer
Hailey Bennett:
Media, Marketing and Q/A
Ted Gerry:
Project Manager and SFX Design
Ian MacLean:
David Poeung:
David Vallieres:
Nethaniel Yuen:
Talia Metuq:
Ryan Oliver:
Executive Producer
Arielle Grimes:
Interactive Experience Designer (2016/2017)
Julie Alivaktuk:
Jr Social Media Intern (2016/2017)
Reagan McFadden:
Web and UI
Emily Canfield:
Graphic Design and Marketing

Ralston Evans and Trevor Hutchinson

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